DRIVING FORCE interview with Via Nocturna Portugal!

We were very honoured to give Pedro Carvalho of Via Nocturna Portugal an interview regarding our new album ALL ABOARD!

Check out their website for great reviews, videos and news --> Via Nocturna

Below the interview in english, the Portuguese version can be found on their website here

Rock on everybody \m/

Hi, thanks for your availability. Driving Force still are not well known, so I would ask you to introduce the band to Portuguese metalheads?

We’re a Swiss band that combines traditional Heavy Metal with straight forward Rock. We have been around since late 2008, released 3 albums and an EP but we never had a chance to play in Portugal. Hope we can do that soon!

Who are your main influences?

Megadeth, Accept, Anvil, Symphony X - you will get a different answer from every band member. But I guess the 80's arewell represented. ☺

Your new album, All Aboard, is out six years after your previous one, This One Goes To Eleven. What happened to this so long time between releases?

Two band members left soon after the release of our last album, so we first had to re-form the band. It took a long time to find the right person for the lead guitar - only to find out that he would leave the country soon again. It’s a bit of a miracle that we were able to still do that album but now things look more stable. We are actually already working on new material.

When did you begin to work on this collection of songs? Are all recent or not?

The oldest Song is “Again”. It was written before DRIVING FORCE even existed. “Nemesis” and “Don’t walk away” were written when Andras first joined the band in 2013. He then left to move back to his home country - Hungary - and we tried some other guitarist but it wouldn’t really fit. In 2017 he came back to Switzerland and that’s when the main part of the album was written.

What is the main message behind your title, All Aboard?

Andras and Martin were both intensely watching “Vikings” on Netflix when we were looking for a title/topic for that song. Martin soon suggested to write a Viking song and Andras rolled his eyes. But it somehow led us to the title “All aboard”. The actual topic is a band desperately looking for gigs and slowly losing motivations because they have to “sit around” in the meantime. Since writing it like that sounds boring, we decided to write about Vikings waiting for the next campaign. So, it can be aboard a ship or a tour bus - you decide.

This album marks your debut with Pure Steel Records, right? How was this connection provided?

I learned about Pure Steel from our Swiss colleagues Emerald and decided to give it a try.

How was the experience in studio? Was everything as planned?

No. Since we recorded and mixed the album ourselves, we didn’t have a deadline. That’s why it took us ages to finish. Next time we’ll definitely do more “externally”. Have you had the chance to play these songs live? And what more objectives have you set for the future?

All songs were already “tested” live and our focus on the current set list is still on our latest release. Next goals? Release the next album before 2025 and play gigs in Portugal. ;-)

Thanks a lot! Do you want to add something new?

We’re in the middle of our festival booking. So, if you have any suggestions on Portuguese Festivals we should write to - please tell us!

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