Welcome to our new drummer Stefan Pavlik!!

New drummer with Driving Force!
Stefan Pavlik


Join us in welcoming Stefan to the Driving Force family! After some difficult auditions - having as much distance as possible in the band room, wearing masks, and inviting several "interesting" talents) - we were blown away when Stefan arrived. He was perfectly prepared (he even had some alternatives to various parts he wanted us to hear) and played with us as if he has always been a part of the band.

Being stuck at home due to lock-down measures hasn't stopped us from writing new songs (and sending around a LOT of sound files...), and Stefan is putting his own accent on our new stuff. Be prepared people, the future will rock!

Check out Stefan's short Bio here!

Sadly, having a new drummer also means that someone left. Thomas Willareth was with us for six years, and we had a great time together, on stage as well as recording our last album. You rock man! A lot changed for Tom recently: a wife (good on ya!), a new job, a new apartment... Unfortunately this all meant that he couldn't commit as much time to Driving Force as he would have liked. We will miss him in the band, but we will stay friends forever!

See you soon! \m/

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